ITT 157: Sell More With Extreme Transparency with Regina Anaejionu

regina anaejionu on in the trenches - ITT 157: Sell More With Extreme Transparency with Regina Anaejionu

Regina Anaejionu is the creator of She has been writing, growing online communities, and selling products and services online since 2008. She's done everything from full time writing, to design work, to WordPress website creation, to publishing her own courses and ebooks.

In today's conversation, we talk about 'sensative sales.' In a nutshell, it's a way to market and sell your products and services by being fully transparent. Instead of hiding your offer behind a webinar, you share the offer right away, and give the potential customer everything he or she needs to make a purchase. That way they have the time to think it over and won't be blindsided by the offer when you share it on a webinar (or however else you might share it).

We talk about this and much more on today's broadcast.

In this broadcast, Regina Anaejionu and I talk about:

  • Transparent and ethical scarcity and urgency (if you find this subject ineresting, definitely check out my interview with Jack Born of Deadlinefunnel)
  • How transparent selling can increase sales
  • How to implement transparency into your sales funnel
  • Why 'sensitive sales' are the future of online sales (at least for those who have built a brand based on trust)
  • When and where 'sensitive sales' don't work as well as the traditional 'hard sell' technique

And much more.

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