ITT 210 - Billion Dollar Infomercial Marketing Secrets with Rick Cesari

in the trenches EP 210 - ITT 210 - Billion Dollar Infomercial Marketing Secrets with Rick Cesari

Rick Cesari has been a pioneer in the Direct Response advertising industry since the early 90s, and his Brand Response strategies have helped build many iconic brands that you have probably heard of (like Sonicare, The George Foreman Grill, and OxiClean). He is the author of Buy Now, Creative Marketing that gets Customers to Respond to You”, Your Marketing and Building Billion Dollar Brands” and “Video Persuasion”

Rick continues to be on the cutting edge of new Brand Response advertising campaigns, creating and implementing innovative cross-platform strategies with digital and mobile ventures for his clients and is currently focusing on video marketing as a leading media direct response platform for increasing product sales.

During today’s episode Rick and I talk about video marketing infomercials and video persuasion. More specifically, we dive into how you can use video persuasion among your social media channels in order to boost your marketing. 

My big takeaway from this episode is that you need to start getting more video testimonials from your customers and clients.

In this broadcast, Rick and I talk about:

  • How did Rick get into the career that he’s doing today
  • Why did Rick write his book “Video Persuasion”
  • What was Rick’s process when he did his first infomercial
  • Where did Rick’s inspiration come from when he started these videos
  • What is the secret formula Rick uses in videos to make them more compelling
  • What are “factoids” and how do they create interest
  • What is “social proof” and why is it important
  • Do videos translate into other marketing channels
  • Is storytelling a big part of video persuasion
  • What can you look forward to in Rick’s latest book “Video Persuasion
  • What information does Rick need to know before he writes an infomercial
  • Why your customers are the best source of information you can have
  • How to get a great testimonial from your customers
  • The importance of an origin story for your business
  • Why you need a call to action in every video
  • How to create good video from a technical standpoint
  • Why you should use video in your email marketing

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