ITT 078: How to Create Your Content Strategy with Rob Wormley

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OmbEPBz-Rob Wormley is a content marketer and author. Over the past seven years, he has developed digital marketing strategies and content for best-selling authors, Hall of Fame speakers, and businesses all across the country. He currently works as the Head of Content Marketing for When I Work.

In this broadcast, Rob Wormley and I talk about:

  • How Rob’s background in journalism has helped him become a successful content marketer.
  • What is and how Rob creates content for small businesses.
  • Why Rob only develops online content strategies quarterly.
  • How Rob uses content creation as a tool to test strategies in real time.
  • How Rob measures the success of the content that is created.
  • How to develop high quality, actionable content and why it is the most effective marketing strategy.
  • Why he does not create content that he can not promote.
  • Why he thinks email out-reach is still effective.
  • Rob’s advice for being authentic, generating leads, and scaling over time.

How to find Rob Wormley online:


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