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ITT 218 – How to Survive Financial Chaos with Samir Patel

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Samir Patel is the founder and managing partner of Trophy Point Investment Group. He bought his first hotel when he was a junior in college. Samir has successfully served as an officer in the US Army serving as the chief operations officer of a 1,000 person organization. He has engaged in real estate transactions/investments, acquisition of businesses and creating businesses for 10 years.

In today’s episode, Samir and I discuss how to mitigate downside risk by spotting financial liabilities and closing them up and more broadly, handling the chaos.

In this broadcast, Samir and I talk about:

  • How does Samir turn companies around
  • Where did Samir’s entrepreneurship journey begin
  • How did Westpoint shape Samir’s business mindset
  • How was Samir able to handle his side hustles while on active duty
  • What caused Samir to pursue business ventures full-time
  • What it’s like to turn around after bankruptcy
  • The importance of honesty and knowing when to let people go
  • The importance of communication and asking questions regarding loans
  • What does Samir look for in terms of chaos and uncertainty
  • What should brick and mortar stores prioritize 
  • How the complexities of loans can be managed effectively

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