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ITT 088: How to Drive Innovation in Your Startup with Scott Bales

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A technology & innovation guru, Scott Bales is a global leader in the cutting edge arena known as “The Digital Shift,” encompassing innovation, culture, design, and mobility in a world gone digital. As thought leader, Scott thrives on the intersection between cultural and behavioural changes in the face of technology advancement.

Scott is also the author of the upcoming “Innovation Wars” – a book that will show you how to drive innovation in your company, big or small.

The book is currently being crowdfunded on Publishizer – order your advance copy here.

In this broadcast, Scott Bales and I talk about:

  • What drives innovation (and why it matters)
  • How to create innovation in your company
  • How Scott is driving innovation in the publishing sector
  • Why “Bridge Publishing” could be the latest innovation in publishing

How to find Scott Bales online:

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