ITT 064: How to Break into Hollywood with Scott Levy

64 Scott Levy In The Trenches Podcast Tom Morkes
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Scott Levy, is a retired US Marine, who transitioned into the creative field of film, acting in both videos and movies (full length motion pictures). Over his 18 year acting career he has also performed in a plethora of TV and video games. In one of his favorite roles to look back on, he co-starred next to Vanilla Ice in The Helix: Reloaded.

What Scott Levy and I talk about in this broadcast:

  • What is was like to work with Vanilla Ice on the set of The Helix (and what it was like to hang out with Vanilla Ice in Las Vegas at the daytime Emmy’s)
  • Why his time with the Marines unknowingly prepared him for a career in the film industry
  • Why it’s important to recognize defining points in your life and in your generation
  • How he broke into the film industry after his military career (with no prior connections)
  • The road he traveled down to land an interview with George Lucas and Skywalker Sound
  • How socializing with other actors on The Lost World set gave him the confidence to move forward in his acting career
  • The inside scoop on his interactions with James Cameron and George Lucas
  • The story of how his career finally took off
  • Why you always hear the “overnight success” before you realize the years of hard work that paved the way
  • How his status as a military veteran gave him a competitive advantage to work for Electronic Arts
  • Why he is so passionate about his work with Operation Supply Drop
  • Scott's personal recommendations on how to break into the film industry
  • Why everyone should read Military Veterans in Creative Careers: Interviews with Our Nations Heroes by Justin Sloan

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Other Resources:

On breaking into the industry you want:

“You have to immerse yourself in that world”

“Just do it. Get in there and meet as many people as you can find”

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