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ITT 090: How to Use the SSF Method to Create a High-Converting Sales Funnel with Scott Oldford

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90 Scott Oldford In The Trenches Podcast Tom Morkes
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In June 2013, Scott Oldford was $726,000 in debt due to a failed business venture. For many people, that may have signaled the end of their entrepreneurial passions. The only way for Scott to get out of this situation was to find a working business model and leverage it. That’s exactly what Scott did, and three years later, not only did he pay off all the debt and but he generated multiple millions in revenue using the SSF Method (which we discuss in today’s broadcast).

In this broadcast, Scott Oldford and I talk about:

  • Scott’s background and how he got started in business (and got to $700k in debt)
  • How Scott worked his way out of debt and into a surplus of millions
  • The SSF Method and why it’s one of the most important developments in online marketing today
  • Why traditional online sales funnels target only a very small group of people (and leave a TON of money on the table)
  • How to set up the SSF Method for YOUR business
  • Why most people need to see a webinar or workshop multiple times before they buy
  • and much more


Want to learn how to use Scott Oldford’s SSF Method?

1. create your personalized funnel map with this tool

ssf - funnel map

2. calculate the cost of your current online marketing (and how much you may be losing doing it wrong)

ssf - calculator

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