ITT 060: How to Launch a Six-Figure Course with Sean McCabe

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Sean McCabe a Hand Lettering Artist & Type Designer based in San Antonio, TX, the founder of and the creator of Learn Lettering 2.0. Sean also hosts a podcast for creative entrepreneurs at

In the past the past 10 years, Sean has used his business experience to grow and sell a computer repair business, run a profitable web design firm, and build and launch a phenomenally successful series of courses on hand lettering that have grossed six figures within 3 days of launching.

What Sean McCabe and I talk about in this broadcast:

  • How Sean moved from playing in a band to start his first company
  • How Sean pivoted his company from computer repair to web design to hand lettering
  • How Sean learned to strategically approach the growth and expansion of his business
  • How Sean leveraged both physical and digital products, including creating a successful course
  • Why Sean waited 2 years to build his first product
  • The pros and cons of physical products
  • The 80/20 approach to balance marketing and creation with Sean's 6-figure course launch
  • How Sean used the advice to create a tiered packaging system
  • The strategy Sean used to create the second version of his course (
  • How Sean learned to hire employee
  • How to know what only you can do

In The Trenches with Tom Morkes on YouTube:

Sean McCabe on how to create a loyal fan-base:

"Create an experience more than sell a product"

Sean McCabe on why less is sometimes more:

"To get from 90 to 100% in quality takes 10x the time...and only 1% of people will notice"

Find Sean McCabe online:

Other resources mentioned in the broadcast:

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