ITT 190 - From Employee to Entrepreneur with Steve Glaveski

in the trenches EP 190 - ITT 190 - From Employee to Entrepreneur with Steve Glaveski

Steve Glaveski's mission is to unlock the latent potential of organisations and people to create more impact for humanity and lead more fulfilling lives. He is CEO and Co-Founder of Collective Campus, a corporate innovation and startup accelerator based in Melbourne, Australia with clients across the world. Steve is also the author of the current Wiley book, Employee to Entrepreneur, which is available in bookstores around the world, and previously self-published two books, including an Amazon bestseller. Steve co-founded Lemonade Stand - a children's entrepreneurship program, hosts the Apple Podcast charting Future Squared, is a founding investor in Konkrete, a blockchain-enabled share registry and is a contributor to Harvard Business Review.

Today I’m chatting with Steve Glaveski to talk about entrepreneurship and doing work that matters. My big takeaway from this conversation is that there is no cure all. There is no technique, no strategy, tactic, hack or trick that will make you a successful entrepreneur. The only path to success is hard work and doing that work each and every day. In today’s conversation you’re going to hear things that maybe you’ve heard before, but my hope is that this conversation will help cement this mindset and further cultivate the critical aspects of entrepreneurship within your mind and heart.

In this broadcast, Steve and I talk about:

  • What has been Steve’s entrepreneurial journey
  • How are freelance techniques helping the corporate world
  • What are the challenges that Steve faced with his first business
  • Why you need to believe in what you’re doing as an entrepreneur
  • What does Steve’s book Employee to Entrepreneur cover
  • What is the number one reason why startups fail
  • How do you ensure you’re building a business that will work
  • Why it’s important to do your market research
  • How can you determine if your idea is a scalable opportunity
  • What are intelligence factors and why should you look for them
  • Why should you set a keyword tracker to respond to market signals
  • What did Steve do to have a successful launch of his book
  • Why you should not downplay the importance of luck
  • Where does Steve’s book fit within his brand
  • Why you should look for more ways to create impact

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