ITT 045: How to Become a Life Changer with Tammy Helfrich

45 Tammy Helfrich In The Trenches Podcast Tom Morkes
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tammyTammy Helfrich is a blogger, podcaster, and author of Becoming a Life Changer: Move Away From Ordinary. Tammy originally started in sales at a corporate job, but after a full career and 20 years, moved on to start her own venture. Writing and podcasting have become her passions, and she has been fortunate to connect with some incredible readers and writers in the process.

What Tammy Helfrich and I talk about in today's broadcast:

  • Why she continues to push herself beyond her comfort zone
  • How she is growing her hobby into a business
  • The steps Tammy is taking to build the coaching aspect of her business
  • Her process for writing a book and publishing on Amazon
  • The most difficult thing that Tammy's worked on
  • Tammy's goals moving forward, including rebranding

You can find Tammy Helfrich online:

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