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ITT 173: How to Grow Traffic, Subscribers, and Sales by Hosting a Giveaway Contest

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Travis Ketchum is the founder & CEO of the contest-optimizing service Contest Domination. Since 2012, Travis’s software has helped businesses grow their email lists and create new customers through online contests and giveaways.

In this broadcast, Travis and I talk about:

  • How Travis started building software products and what led him to create contest software in the first place
  • A simple way to increase engagement by running a giveaway or contest
  • How Travis launched and initially promoted his contest software
  • The pros and cons of working with affiliates
  • The importance of designing contests with specific goals in mind
  • Why choosing appropriate prizes for the contest audience is key
  • How to increase contest signups and increase audience engagement
  • A simple strategy to turn your “winner announcement” into new customers and clients (this is gold!)

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