ITT 063: Philanthropic Entrepreneurship with Tyson Adams

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Tyson Adams is the co-founder of Zuddha Organic and the founder of Jhai Coffeehouse. In his businesses, he is combining his passions for philanthropy and entrepreneurship. As a result, he has started several clean water projects in Laos, where Jhai Coffeehouse is located.

Tyson went to the University of Washington and left on a one-way ticket to South East Asia. He stayed for four months and came back with the idea to start these coffee shops.

What Tyson Adams and I talk about in this broadcast:

  • Why Tyson started the business of importing coffee to the US from Laos
  • How Tyson organized and promoted coffee fundraisers through US high schools to raise money for philanthropic initiatives in Laos
  • Why Tyson decided to transition from providing books for the communities to clean water projects
  • How Tyson was able to position his non-profit to provide clean water in the local community
  • How Tyson started Jhai Coffeehouse and how it helps to give back to the community
  • How Tyson used crowdfunding to start a non-profit overseas
  • How Tyson learned to overcome the change in culture from starting two international businesses based in foreign countries
  • The importance of vulnerability
  • How Tyson leaned how to create passive income to support his philantrhopic work
  • The steps Tyson is taking to launch an Amazon fulfillment business
  • How Tyson’s Amazon business fits together with Jhai Coffeehouse and Zhudda Organic

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A quote that Tyson lives by:

“One is not afraid of the unknown; one is afraid of the known coming to an end.”

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