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Hey, just wanted to say thanks for checking out this replay of "Launch Your Book to Bestseller" (double thanks if you were able to show up live!).

Below, you'll get access to the video recording, bonus checklists and pdf of the slides, as well as an exclusive offer to let me help you launch your book (or many books) to bestseller.

Check it out and let me know your thoughts.

Take care!

Copy of slides (PDF)

Amazon KDP + Createspace Checklist

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Want Direct Help Launching Your Book?

Hey, Tom Morkes here again.

I've spent the better part of the last three years as a self-publisher, a book marketing consultant, and as an indie publisher, publishing multiple books (and even magazines) through my publishing company Insurgent Publishing.

Here's a quick snapshot of some of the books, magazines, and journals I've worked on (either launched or published):

I'm sharing this with you because there's a lot of misinformation out there about how to properly create, package, and monetize your writing (or the writing of others).

My hope is that the free training I've provided will set you on the right path and get you over the most common pitfalls that threaten the success of every self-publisher on the planet...


For those who still need help with the publishing process - from ideation and brainstorming, to writing and editing, to packaging and design, to marketing and sales - that's where Publishers' Empire comes in.

publishers empire with tom morkes

Join Publishers' Empire Today (lifetime access)

PublishersEmpire.com is a comprehensive publishing training program, community, and book launch platform.

When you sign up for Publishers' Empire, you get:

Live consulting with me. I normally charge $1,500k for a book marketing consulting and strategy session. This comes free with EVERY membership in Publishers' Empire. The last student who I consulted with prior to a launch, Taylor Pearson, is still #1 bestseller and sold over 5,000 copies in the first month of launch. Results will vary, but regardless - I'll be there right beside you to make sure your launch works.

Access to over 100 HD tutorial videos (that will show you, step by step, how to create, package, market, and launch your book - and help you sell thousands of copies of your book)

24/7 Live Forum - get your questions answered no matter where you live in the world

Exclusive weekly small group coaching calls, where I (Tom Morkes) will personally train you and a small group of other publishers on relevant topics each week (and we always end with a live Q and A to help out with any questions you have...this is unlike any other membership program I've been a part of - and I've been a part of many)

Live "Expert Interview" Sessions with today's best publishing experts...and whoever you want, just ask - I'll do whatever it takes to get them on board for a live group coaching session (to my best ability)

100% SUPPORT POLICY - everyone helps everyone in Publishers' Empire. this is ANOTHER huge way we are different than anything else out there. We only accept students who are willing to help other students out, and vice versa - so when you join, expect that you'll get an incredible amount of support for your book publishing projects, from early reviews, to sharing, to cross-promotion, and more.

100% satisfaction + INVESTMENT guarantee: I promise you'll love Publishers Empire. If you don't, I'll give you your money back. Oh, and I promise that if you go through the whole program, follow the process I outline for you, and consult with me before your book launch (which comes free w/ the program), you'll make DOUBLE your investment within 12 months of your book launch (or I'll actively help you make more sales to get there). You can't lose (and yes, it's a lifetime guarantee - because that's how I roll).

Access to my network (within reason). I know a lot of people (no big deal...) - and I don't say this to brag, but to let you know that connections are HUGE when it comes to publishing. I also know that I've built a way better network and platform than just about anyone else publishing today - and I want to share that hustle with you. Unlike other training programs, where you can barely get access to the founder, I'll be there with you the whole time, and I'll make intros to people who can move the needle for your book publishing and beyond.

So there you go.


Grab your spot, discount, and bonuses now before they're gone:

Join Publishers' Empire Today (lifetime access)

New seats will be opening up shortly, and only those on this list will get the email (you will be automatically added to our live launch event).

Thanks, and look forward to building an empire with you!