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launch your book to bestseller

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Day 1: 102 Billion Reasons to Start Publishing Today

Day 2: What Every Bestselling Book Has in Common

Day 3: The Bestseller Book Launch Sequence

Day 4: Guarantee Sales and Reviews on Day One

Day 5: How to Get MAJOR Press for Your Book

Day 6: How to Build a High-Converting Book Sales Page

Day 7: Launch Prep - the unsexy step most authors miss (and why they fail)

Day 8: Launch Day (how to drive 10,000+ sales day one)

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Hey, Tom Morkes here.

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This course is the culmination of years of experience - as a self-publisher, a book marketing consultant, and as an indie publisher, publishing other peoples books through my publishing company Insurgent Publishing.

Here's a quick snapshot of some of the books, magazines, and journals I've worked on:

bestsellers - [ecourse] bestseller book launch - compiled list

My hope is that this training provided you with everything you need to launch your book to bestseller.


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