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Every person reading this has an opportunity.

As humans, we’ve each been gifted several extraordinary things:

  1. Life. Obvious, but worth restating.  What are the chances that you are here right now?  What are the chances that you exist with the particular genetic makeup that you have, which is the result of hundreds of generations of your family tree surviving, growing, and expanding?  The point is: you’re not likely.  That’s a pretty extraordinary gift.
  2. A Sandbox.  Look around.  What is this world’s most basic and fundamental characteristic?  In a lot of ways, it’s a (seemingly) more complex Lego set.  Put a block here, or don’t – put another block on top of that, or don’t.  Every day you have the chance to put your blocks where you choose; to build (or not build) what you want.
  3. Talent.  Every person is different and not everyone’s is of equal ability, but every person has a disposition of traits that combine to create their unique ability (aka talent).  No one has the same perspective that you do.  No one thinks of the problem the same way you do (nor of the solution).  No one grew up in the neighborhood you did, with the teachers and friends you did, exposed to the same art that you were.  Most importantly, nobody experienced the same heartaches, pains, and failures that you have.  It is these experiences – beautiful, painful, unique – that develop and define your talent.

Your job is simple: to use these extraordinary gifts. 

Your purpose is to take your life, and using your talents, to build in the sandbox the only way you can.

It’s the uniqueness of your journey that makes it special.

It’s the uniqueness of your journey that means only you can decide how, when and why.

If you’re scared, unsure, or confused, that’s normal.  The point is to do your creative, unique work anyway; to create something worthwhile, to instigate your life’s work, and to build your empire, even when things are scary, uncertain, and confusing.

If you’d like to, but you’re waiting on someone to give you more instruction, direction, or a map to follow, you’ve missed the point entirely.

So go make something.

Every person has a gift, and in their gift, lies their destiny. [Mighty Max]

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