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Work From Anywhere in the World with these 14 Business Apps

Last week, my computer crashed. Have you ever had one of those “Oh ****!” moments? Well this was it for me. I run my entire business from my computer, so this was like finding my office space burned to the ground. To make matters worse, I am in the Philippines and the internet here is basically nonexistent. Not a good feeling. While this could have been one of those freak-out moments...

How to Get Paid While Traveling Around the World

In the past twelve month, I’ve: Traveled to 5 continents Spent time in 12 countries Literally lived out of a car for two months in New Zealand Almost got stomped by an elephant in Africa Snorkelled the Great Barrier Reef Driven through the deserts of Namibia to find cave man paintings (found them!) Had way too many doble espresso con crema’s in Argentina Canoed around the Amazon And a lot of...

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