in the trenches EP 203 - ITT 203 - Using Ads on Amazon To Boost Your Book Sales with Brian Berni

Brian Berni is a former Vatican archives employee and a bestselling author under multiple pen names. He blogs for writers at Authorstech and is the co-founder of BookAds, an agency that helps authors advertise their books through Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) and Bookbub ads.

I brought Brian onto the podcast today to talk about book marketing and advertising, what’s working and what’s not. I also wanted to hear about his experience hosting his first ever virtual summit, Indie Novelist Summit for fiction writers in 2018, which helped him go from an audience of practically zero to thousands of engaged readers.

Due to the success of the summit, several thousand subscribers joined Brian's email list, and he generated five figures just ticket sales alone.

In this broadcast, Brian and I talk about:

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