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How to Create a Bestselling Author Website

Get this: In 2012, 391,000 books were self-published in the US alone. That number increased to more than 458,564 by 2013 (a 17% increase in self-published books year over year). If this pace continues (and it looks to), in 2015¬†there will be 1,728 books self-published daily, or about one book published every minute. Oh, and these stats only refer to books that are tracked by Bowker…and only...

The Complete Guide to Crowdfunding Your Book

UPDATE: thanks to all your support, I finished my crowdfunding campaign with $12,979.00 in preorders. The last few days saw the crowdfunding campaign skyrocket – something I did not predict happening at all. This has been a whirlwind ride and I’m so grateful – so thank you! If you’re interested in being notified about the book when it releases, to hear about its progress...

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