Danny Iny is the founder and CEO of Mirasee and best-selling author of nine published books, including Leveraged Learning, Teach and Grow Rich, The Audience Revolution, Engagement from Scratch!, and his most recent: Teach Your Gift. He is the host of the Business Reimagined Podcast and is also the creator of the acclaimed Course Builder’s Laboratory training program, which provides all the instruction, coaching, and support that entrepreneurs need to build and launch a profitable online course.

I’ve had Danny on the podcast before where he shared how to grow a 7-figure business. If you want to hear his backstory, go ahead and give episode 44 a listen.

In today’s broadcast, Danny Iny walks us through the ins and outs of e-learning (what it is, how it works, how the e-learning industry is growing and changing, and how to take advantage of it by creating and selling courses online).

In this broadcast, Danny and I talk about:

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