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ITT 201 – How to Feast as a Freelancer with Jason Resnick

On today’s episode, I am having a conversation with Jason Resnick who is a web developer, host of the podcast, Live in the Feast and creator of the online community for freelancers, Feast. Inside Feast and through his blog and podcast, Jason helps freelancers discover their niche, plan out and market themselves, build recurring revenue and stay in the feast. Jason helps his clients reach their...

It's Time to Stop Thinking Like a Freelancer

I started consulting 10 months ago. The first time I offered my services I felt like a phony. Who am I to offer training / coaching / consulting? There are so many people better than me out there in the world, why bother? Who would pay me for my time? While I felt comfortable and confident with the topics I teach (publishing, product launches, online biz, etc.), I wasn’t sure people would...

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