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the warfare of creativity (3 ways to identify and become an instigator)

What separates the instigator from 99.9% of society? It’s not being the smartest – plenty of entrepreneurs and artists will freely admit they’re not the sharpest tools in the shed. It’s not connections – there are plenty of people with connections that never go on to do anything great. It’s not luck – plenty of people get lucky and throw it all away...

be unreasonable

Starting is hard work. I mean really hard. And I don’t mean “starting a million-dollar startup” is hard, or “starting a best-selling book” is hard…I mean STARTING is hard. The act of starting – of initiating a project on your own accord, with the expectation to finish, that no one told you to start, with no map to follow – is HARD. It’s hard because it means, by its very nature, that we...

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