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Pay What You Want: Share Your Work – Make a Profit

Finally. After 6+ months of testing, tracking and recording… 3 months of intensive research, study, and compiling… And 1 month of all-consuming writing, editing, scrapping…and writing some more… I’ve finished my new book: The Complete Guide to Pay What You Want Pricing: How You Can Share Your Work and Still Make a Profit   Author Tom Morkes delivers. Some...

Why I Give it All Away

I got a thought provoking email the other day from Resistance member Tom Owens. With his permission, I wanted to share part of it with you: You’ve done bang-up work on your two blog posts explaining PWYW and how it’s helped you. However…I think more than one person might pause. “If he’s still doing so well with this business model, why is he letting others know? Why...

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