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ITT 157: Sell More With Extreme Transparency with Regina Anaejionu

Regina Anaejionu is the creator of ByRegina.com. She has been writing, growing online communities, and selling products and services online since 2008. She’s done everything from full time writing, to design work, to WordPress website creation, to publishing her own courses and ebooks. In today’s conversation, we talk about ‘sensative sales.’ In a nutshell, it’s a...

It's Time to Stop Thinking Like a Freelancer

I started consulting 10 months ago. The first time I offered my services I felt like a phony. Who am I to offer training / coaching / consulting? There are so many people better than me out there in the world, why bother? Who would pay me for my time? While I felt comfortable and confident with the topics I teach (publishing, product launches, online biz, etc.), I wasn’t sure people would...

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