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5 Ways to Generate Predictable Income Online in the next 21 Days (Coronavirus 2020 Edition)

Well, there’s no escaping it; Coronavirus is here and people are scared. And because of the decrees, both de facto and de jure, for “social distancing” (aka how I live my life), small business owners everywhere are getting pummeled. (especially brick and mortar small businesses) Unfortunately, a lot of these businesses are going to be wiped out. Before anyone freaks out, this...

the psychology of success (relax and figure it out)

The most miserable and tortured people in the world are those who are continually straining and striving to convince themselves and others that they are something other than what they basically are.  And there is no relief and satisfaction like that that comes when one finally gives up the shams and pretenses and is willing to be himself.  Success, which comes from self-expression, often eludes...

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