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Publishers’ Empire: Templates

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A list of all the marketing and sales templates, swipe-files, cheat-sheets, checklists, book cover templates, interior layout templates, and much more.

Marketing and Sales Templates

The Book Marketing Canvas [PowerPoint]

The Book Marketing Canvas [Google Slides]

The Book Marketing Canvas [.PNG – printable]

[Template] The Automated Book Sales Funnel

[Template] Bestseller Book Launch Sequence

[Template] Alternative Marketing Channels


[Checklist] How to get your book ready for distribution


Free ebook Promotion Pages on Facebook

[Template] Alternative Marketing Channels

[Template] Influencers Circle

Writing and Editing

[Template] Copyright Page 

[Chart] Book Development Timeline

[Cheat Sheet] Parts of a Book [.PNG – printable]

[Cheat Sheet] Parts of a Book [Google Sheets]

[Cheat Sheet] Amazon Pricing Page

[Cheat Sheet] Book Length Reference Guide

[Cheat Sheet] Amazon Hidden Categories

[Checklist] Bestseller Book Launch Sequence

[Checklist] Book Launch Timeline

[Checklist] How to Create Your Ambassador List

[Checklist] Book Launch Timeline

[Checklist] Lesson Plan and Course List

[ebook] The Automated Book Sales Funnel Method

[Example] eCourse Wireframe

[Example] WPCurve Book Launch Working Doc

[Framework] Book Launch Sequence and Timeline

[Powerpoint] Webinar Notes – How to Launch a Book to Bestseller 3.0

[Reference] Nonfiction vs Fiction Pricing in Amazon

[Resource] Book Review Sites

[Resource] eBook Free Giveaway Sites and Groups

[[Resource] Listing Sites

[Resource] Major Magazine Editorial Calendars

[Resource] Publishers’ Empire Manifesto

[Resource] Publishers’ Empire Student Info

[Resources] Additional Resources for Authors

[Example] eCourse Wireframe

More coming soon…

Book Cover Templates (Kindle)

coming soon

Book Cover Templates (Physical Print)

coming soon

Book Interior Layout (Kindle)

[Template] Book Interior Layout – Kindle
coming soon

Book Interior Layout (Physical Print)

[Template] Book Interior Layout – 5×8

More coming soon…


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