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[Landing Page] The Ultimate Resource on Pay What You Want Pricing

Can you Double Your Revenue by Letting Customers Choose Their Price?

Yes, it’s Possible.  And I’ll show you how.

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First and foremost: thanks for stopping by.

I’m Tom Morkes – Author, Publisher, and all around Instigator.

I started using Pay What You Want Pricing in April of 2013 to sell my eBooks.

At that time, I had no real audience, no fame, and I was on bootstrapped  budget (read: I didn’t have much money to pump into my business).

By leveraging the principle of Pay What You Want Pricing, I was able to build a profitable publishing business, consulting business, and more.

Arguably more important than the money (although money is important if you want to create a sustainable business), is the reach and impact I’ve had with my work.

By using Pay What You Want pricing, I managed to stand out in a noisy (and increasingly noisier) world, get noticed, and build relationships with people who are now loyal readers of my blog.

And because this pricing method is so unorthodox, it’s opened up opportunities for me to speak, write, and present at dozens of different events, companies, and websites.

people who trust tom

The above images are just a few of the places, people, and companies that have interviewed me, had me write for their platform, who shared the work I do with their readers and students, and / or asked me to give a presentation or teach their audience since I’ve been using and teaching Pay What You Want.

I’m not showing you the names above to brag, but to show you what’s possible when you think outside the conventional box.

Below, you’ll find a list of articles I’ve written on Pay What You Want Pricing, as well as a few of the podcasts, radioshows and tv show interviews I’ve done on Pay What You Want pricing.


Pay What You Want Resources

Free Articles:

3 Ways Pay What You Want Pricing Leads to More Revenue Than Paid Pricing

How Letting People Choose Their Price Can Make You a Millionaire

How I Made Over $1,000 From a Pay What You Want Product Launch

Is Pay What You Want Pricing for You? (external link)

Pay What You Want: The Ultimate Sales Strategy (external link)

Free Interviews:

Pay What You Want Pricing with Tom Morkes on the Content Warfare Podcast (external link)

I sit down with marketing expert Ryan Hanley to discuss why Pay What You Want is one of the most powerful marketing techniques available.

Advanced Pricing Techniques with Tom Morkes on Growth Hacker TV (external link)

I sit down with entrepreneur and growth hacker Bronson Taylor to talk PWYW pricing – and why the saviest entrepreneurs and marketers are starting to use it to dominate their businesses (warning: this interview is very in depth and explains exactly how to create a successful PWYW product or service).

How to Profit with Pay What You Want Part Time (external link)

In this interview, I sit down with David Hutcherson of The Power of Part Time TV to discuss how side-hustlers can use PWYW to rapidly validate their ideas and make income on the side while working a full-time job (which is exactly how I got started doing it).

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Premium Products

The Complete Guide to Pay What You Want Pricing

I hope you enjoyed all the free content.

If you liked what you’ve read so far and think Pay What You Want might be just the thing you need to kick start sales of a new product (or if you just want to double your revenue from an existing product or service), check out my guide:

The Complete Guide to Pay What You Want Pricing

In it, I show you how you can double your revenue from a carefully positioned Pay What You Want offer, and the exact steps to take to make it happen.

The book itself is “Pay What You Want” starting at $1 (with bonuses for those who want to contribute more).

Check it out.

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