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Too many options…

That’s the problem we have now.

Too many options.

20+ years ago, that wasn’t the problem. There was a bottleneck of information, production, and distribution. That bottleneck created scarcity. Those who controlled the land, factories, or people decided what would be created and what shipped.

Not now.

You don’t have to wait for the producer to give you the go ahead.

You don’t need to get the publisher’s approval.

For virtually no cost, you can create your own ebook and sell it online. If you want to create a hardcover copy, you can do that too – again, for no up-front fee (Amazon’s affiliate Createspace does just that). Want someone to fabricate a product for you, produce it in bulk, and ship it to a warehouse where another group of people can manage the fulfillment and distribution? A completely hands-off, automated business is completely possible with the click of a mouse (and some hard work, of course).

All this leads to more access. Not only access BY the consumer, but access TO the consumer.

We now have access to become the producer. All of us, at least potentially, are producers in this new economy.

This is unprecedented.

Our problem now isn’t distance, or cost, or other seemingly insurmountable issues of the past.

Our problem now is one of choice.

It’s not who will let me, it’s who can stop me?

This is the new economy (covered at length in Chris Anderson’s incredible book The Long Tail).  The choice is in our hands to produce what we want.  We can’t complain any longer about something not being right or not being good enough. The burden is on the end user – because the end user is now the producer.

If you don’t like it, fix it. If it’s not good enough, create something better.

Want to reach your clients from across the country? Build a website and post daily workouts for them virtually. Wish your cutting board had a place to hold your knife or a way to channel the food into the bowl? Why not invent and produce an entire product line from scratch?   The options are infinite.

This doesn’t apply to neurosurgery, but the truth is it applies to a lot more than you might imagine.

We have the responsibility to be producers (now more than ever).

What will you create?

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