Your Reward for Taking the Road Less Traveled

the spoils of the unknown path

The Journey of Creation

As soon as you make the choice to create something worthwhile, you take the first step in a long and very real journey.

Like most journeys, it's not always pretty.

Life will try to beat you down and break you if it can.

There will come a time (many times, actually) when things are confusing, uncertain and perilous.

You will face setbacks, breaking points, and failure.

Your peers might scorn you, your "tribe" ignore you, and your effort will seem in vain.

The path will be rarely straightforward, the road rarely clear, and the struggle lonely and sometimes desperate.

At times like these, it will make sense to quit.

The Adventurer

There's nothing pretty about doing something ambitious or unorthodox.

The journey of creating something worthwhile is messy - it can't be any other way.

The journey itself must be scary, dangerous, and unreasonable - otherwise there would be no need for the courage of the adventurer.

The adventurer recognizes the only paths left to explore are those that are scary, dangerous and unreasonable.

The adventurer understands that the guaranteed and safe path is traveled daily by those of little courage.

But the unknown path - the one that sits beyond the threshold of certainty - is ripe for exploration and for what befalls those brave enough to travel along it.

The Spoils of the Unknown Path

Your journey is unique.

At times it will be painful; you will doubt yourself and your project, question your ability, and challenge every virtue you thought you possessed.

But while your journey is unique (and the struggle will, at times, seem unbearably lonely), the pain you experience is universal.

Every adventurer sets his own course and travels his own path, but the pain he experiences - the loneliness, confusion, fear and desperation - those are experienced by every adventurer who chooses the unknown path.

But the path is painful for a reason.

Every great adventure ends with an equally great reward: whether it's discovering buried treasure, winning the championship title, or finding your way back home.

The spoils go to the victor, and the victor is always the one who sticks it out to the end.

Having the guts to travel the unknown path, to create something worthwhile, takes courage, boldness and (sometimes) madness.

Like everything worth doing, it won't be easy.

But like every difficult thing worth doing, the spoils go to the adventurer and the adventurer alone.

Have you started on your journey?

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

[Robert Frost]


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