; Zero to Bestseller (how to launch a book with Tom Morkes)

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Learn how to launch a bestselling book and sell you first 10,000 copies. 

Proven Bestseller Book Launch Sequence  

Learn the exact steps I use to launch books to bestseller, including "The 7 Day Startup" by Dan Norris, "The Art of Work" by Jeff Goins, "Do You Talk Funny?" by David Nihill, and many others.

Book Marketing Canvas Every book is a startup, and that means every book needs a business model. I'll show you how to create a 1 page business model for your book based on lean startup techniques used by billion dollar tech companies.

Bonus Publishing Templates and Copy-and-Paste Marketing Material Save hundreds of hours of time experimenting and failing - use my proven templates and marketing materials instead.

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"Tom, gotta say that [your] content has been awesome these last 7 days. Sadly, I recently dropped a lot of money on [a well known self-publishing course]. Between you and me, your free email course taught me at least as much as that paid course did. My main appreciation for your work is the integrity behind it. You're not interested in just pounding out a book and working the Amazon system to get passive income -- you're teaching people to produce actual, authentic, I'm-really-doing-my-best-work-for-you-dear-reader books that help people, and then leveraging that work toward Reach, Impact, or Revenue.”


“This info is ridiculously good. Seriously.”  

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"Tom. Thank you for opening my eyes to a successful book launch. Thank you for a fabulous training course."

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