All of the greatest writers, painters, warriors, leaders, inventors, explorers, builders, creators and innovators throughout history understood instigation.

They understood how to harness its power, how to apply it in productive, fruitful endeavors, and they used it to create their life’s work.

These great men and women – the ones who mastered the Art of Instigating – are the people whose books we read, in whose buildings we work, whose art we hang on our walls, and in whose nations we grow, communicate, and thrive. They mastered the art of instigating and brought to life the things that now shape our lives.

What is the Art of Instigating?

The Art of Instigating is both a method and a practice for creating, making, building, breaking, testing, and conquering. Instigating is the essential practice of every great creator, and at the core of every successful venture. Fundamentally, the Art of Instigating is about taking an idea and turning it into reality successfully.

Can we learn the Art of Instigating?

The Art of Instigating EbookYes.

Absolutely yes.

That’s exactly the question I answer in my book: The Art of Instigating. I show you how to apply and master the Art of Instigating so you can write the book you’ve always wanted to writepaint the masterpiece you’ve always envisionedbuild the business you’ve always longed for, and create and lead the organization you know the world needs.

Why is this so important?

Because it’s the difference between true success and failure, between pride in your work and the intense guilt of a wasted life, between being the incredible person you dreamed you could become and the mediocre person you ended up becoming… It’s important because YOUR IDEAS are important – and they deserve to be brought to life.

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How do we learn the art of instigating?

In my new book, The Art of Instigating, I explore, analyze, and extract information from the people who mastered the art (from people like Seth Godin, Michael Masterson, Steven Pressfield, and Steve Jobs, to C.S. Lewis, Da Vinci, Napoleon, and Aristotle) and package it into simple, practical content, so that you can apply their knowledge in your own life.

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