Don't Take Your Foot Off The Gas (when things are going well)

Everything has its time.

Everything has a lifecycle.

I'm reminded of this daily.

When I look at my 7-year-old, I consider what another 7 years will bring. By then, he'll be 14… which was just a few short years before I went to West Point… which, in my mind (when I attempt to conceive it and put myself back in those shoes), feels like the beginning of adulthood for me…and it was.


Where does the time go?

A better question:

Where WILL the time go?


Where will YOUR time go?

For all my creators, founders, inventors, warriors, and leaders -- anyone doing the hard, creative work of bringing something into being, cultivating it, and growing it…

What are you doing with the time you have right now?

Have you started?

Have you shipped?

Have you failed? If so, have you pushed through it?

Have you experienced success? If so, have you doubled down on it?

Tripled down on it?

Quadrupled down on it?

Because there's no such thing as a guarantee of "growth."

When something's working, it won't work forever.

When you take your foot off the gas, the car doesn't stop. It keeps going at exactly the same speed -- for a moment. But then, gradually, it slows down. Little by little. Until, eventually, all the momentum is gone.

For your business, pursuit, or project -- there is no guarantee that you'll have "more" tomorrow than what you have today, no matter how many ads you buy or gurus you hire.

The only guarantee in life is that what's here today can, and eventually will be, gone tomorrow.

(just ask Blockbuster, Nokia Phones, or the Weinstein Company)

So get after it while the getting's good.

Stay frosty.

Tom "ponderous reflections" Morkes

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