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Nicholas Todd Bullock (NT Bullock) is the founder of Sequential Pictures. He is a filmmaker who discovered his passion for creating videos long before the advent of YouTube. In the mid-90s, he got hold of his father's camcorder and fell in love with capturing moments on camera. Despite the limitations of the time, like the […]
Justin Brooks is the founder of, the world's largest online school for digital advertising. His company teaches advertisers how to install proven campaign frameworks and training the next generation of media buyers and connecting them with great clients or jobs. Today, we’re gonna dive into his experiments and forays into “pay what you want” […]
Art Bell is a former TV executive who founded The Comedy Channel, which eventually became Comedy Central. He continued his television career as President of CourtTV. After Art left the TV business, he took to writing and penned his new memoir: Constant Comedy: How I Started Comedy Central and Lost My Sense of Humour. On […]
David Jenyns is the author of SYSTEMology, host of the Business Systems Simplified podcast and a serial business owner. Recognised as a high achieving businessman, you will find many of his keynotes on YouTube. In today’s episode, David and I discuss his proprietary 7-step process for systemizing your business. We break down the method for […]
Chris Prefontaine 3- time best-selling author, founder and CEO of and host of the Smart Real Estate Coach Podcast. Chris founded Smart Real Estate Coach in 2014, bringing in his son Nick, daughter Kayla, and son-in-law Zachary to help grow the company. Chris and his team coach investors on how to properly scale and […]
Michael Neeley is an authority strategist, business mentor and podcasting veteran. Along with hosting many podcasts, Michael is a writer, a motivational speaker, a personal development coach, and the creator of the transformational program The Art of Forgetting.  In today’s conversation, Michael and I discuss the ins and outs of starting a podcast in 2020 […]
David McKnight is the founder of McKnight Image Lab and the author of The Zen Executive Presence. He is an image consultant and professional coach who specializes in helping ambitious and busy professionals craft and leverage their personal image and brand to generate wealth, success and confidence. In today’s broadcast, David and I discuss where […]
Daniel Scrivner is the CEO of Flow, project management software that brings together your tasks, projects, timelines, and conversations, and integrates with your favorite tools, to help you achieve more. Previously, Daniel was the Head of Design at Digit and Square. He's worked for some of the most respected brands in the world including Apple, […]
Nathan Hirsch is a serial entrepreneur and expert in remote hiring and e-commerce. He is the founder and CEO of and the co-founder and COO of Portlight. Nathan is an expert at building efficient systems and processes, sales strategies, and business management.  In today’s broadcast, Nathan Hirsch takes us behind-the-scenes of his acquisition and […]
Jovana Miljanovic was born and raised in Serbia. She built a brick and mortar style business where she ran in-person workshops from scratch and then pivoted to helping people around the world through her virtual education platform. Now Jovana helps women start and scale their businesses online, and she hosts her own podcast, the Jovana […]
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