This is part 3 in a 3 part series. For bonuses, including the copy-and-paste sales script from this blog post, grab The Business Building Toolkit here.

Learn how to sell anything (that’s worth selling) in this 7 minute video that film critics everywhere are raving about*:

*I can’t confirm nor deny this statement.

Last month, I led and shipped a collaborative business project - a business training platform for veterans.

Two weeks ago I explained how I thrashed the idea using The Open-Loop Product Development Framework. This allowed us to outline and wireframe our product and specifically how we’d intended to launch it.

Last week, I explained how we developed our lean marketing funnel by using The 1-1-1 Product Launch Method. This let us build out the entire sales funnel to drive potential prospects to our product offer.

Today, I want to talk about how we presented our offer.


  1. how we designed the offer (what mediums and platforms we used)
  2. how our first attempt was a success and a failure (sorta)
  3. and how we made a slight tweak to our sales process to increase sales by 400%

Let’s get to it: