in the trenches EP 198 - ITT 198 - Creating Your Family Story

Caspar Craven is a conference and corporate event speaker, adventurer who sailed around the world with his wife and three children, and the bestselling author of Where the Magic Happens.

In today’s episode, Caspar and I talk about his experience sailing around the world with his wife and three children, who are all under the age of 10, and how he was able to manage his family and his business at the same time. We discuss what he learned about entrepreneurship, productivity, success and overall happiness in general.

My big takeaway from today’s conversation is that everyone should have a goal and an aim for their family. It should be designed, developed, and created collaboratively - getting every family member into the mix (who can, age permitting). It's also something that can be updated, tweaked, or improved as you go. And it's certainly something you should revisit from time to time, because the purpose is to pull your family into the future so that you are all collectively inspired by the same shared vision and goal.

Highly recommend taking notes on this one. Enjoy!

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