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Free Report: Pay What You Want Product Launch


Hey, Tom Morkes here.  Thanks for coming to my website and taking the time to read this.

You can find my in depth "Amazon Self-Publishing Experiment Report" here:

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This is a "pay what you want" report. Any dollar amount you can contribute supports my creative work and allows me to sell all of my books as "pay what you want." Thanks in advance for your generosity.\

Hope you enjoy - and let me know if you do!

Since you're here because you're interested in my writing and publishing results, I decided to link to a few free articles I think you might like (in the realm of writing, publishing, marketing, and sales). Below you'll find articles, books and guides that have helped hundreds of others get unstuck and instigate their creative projects.  I hope they help you do the same.

Popular Articles on Starting, Finishing and Shipping Your Creative Project:

  1. Into the Fray
  2. Talents and Time Decay
  3. 3 Creative Hacks to Kick Start Your Next Project
  4. 4 Reasons to Start Before You’re Ready
  5. Keep Fighting

More Free Products

Notes From Seth Godin's Revolution Conference by Tom Morkes I had the distinct privilege of spending two days with Seth Godin and 100 other instigators and innovators. These are my collected and extensive notes from the event (with original artwork).

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“Pay What You Want” pricing is an unconventional pricing technique that’s been proven to increase reach, impact, and sales. In this guide, I show you exactly how to make it work for you (whether you’re selling a product or service; physical or digital).

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