9 Dos and 2 Don’ts for Creating Success in Business (and Life)

Tapping into Success Every day, hundreds of thousands of blogs are started, thousands of books are published, and hundreds of businesses are created. The majority don’t last. So what separates those that last from those that fail? The ones that succeed – do they do something different? Is there a common pattern, strategy or framework […]

The Surprisingly Simple Way to Overcome Creative Block

The Block Have you ever tried writing a book, a blog, or business copy? If so, you’ve probably experience writers block: the inability to form your ideas into the perfect words, sentences, and paragraphs. But this type of block isn’t exclusive to writers. All creative entrepreneurs – from writers, designers, and inventors, to artists, marketers, […]

4 Reasons to Start Before You’re Ready

I talk to a lot of people – a lot of people with great ideas, great vision, and tons of untapped potential. But they’re stuck on ‘start.’ Instead of trying, attempting, and building, they wait around for the perfect opportunity, the perfect connection, and the perfect launch. News flash: perfect doesn’t exist. Besides Perfect Is […]