Influencer Marketing: how to get influencers to sell your product for you

Last week, I spoke at the annual Military Influencers Conference on the topic of influencer marketing.

Before my presentation, I was told by the host of the event that my topic was in high demand from conference-goers; and the packed house proved that to be true.

Of course, why wouldn't this topic get a lot of attention?

If you have a product or service, wouldn't it be nice if influential people endorsed and promoted it?

Well in the past two years, I've led influencer marketing campaigns that have generated millions in revenue, resulted in New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestsellers, and set Kickstarter records.

So I know it can work...

...but I also see a lot of people crash and burn when it comes to running influencer campaigns.

That's why I wanted to share my presentation on influencer marketing:

How to Build an Army of Influencers to Market and Sell Your Product For You

My influencer marketing presentation focuses on 3 core areas:

  • What is "influencer marketing" and why you should care
  • How do you find and recruit influencers for a marketing campaign
  • What is the most effective, streamlined, and repeatable process for getting influencers to promote your product or you can hand off the process to an assistant or train someone on your team to lead the effort.

I wanted to share my presentation slides with you here:


If you find the slides valuable, share your thoughts in the comments below.

I would love to explore this topic in more depth on this blog, but need some feedback from you, my favorite readers.

Thanks in advance for sharing and commenting.

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6 comments on “Influencer Marketing: how to get influencers to sell your product for you”

  1. Tom, this is great information, thank you. How do you determine how to structure the compensation for the influencer? In other words, do you start off by simply offering free samples of the product? And then, if that is not enough, offer an affiliate structure in which you offer a % commission? For commissions, is there an industry average percentage?

    Thanks in advance for any insight.