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NFTs for Authors, Artists, and Creators (a guide to creating and selling your first NFT)

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What is an NFT and how can authors, artists, and creators use NFTs to protect and profit from their intellectual and digital property?

I sat down with Jesse Krieger, the co-founder of Powerfan.io — an NFT minting platform — to explore this topic.

Jesse Krieger (co-founder of Powerfan.io) and Tom Morkes (author, publisher, and very handsome entrepreneur) sit down to discuss NFTs – what they are, how they work, and how to create and sell your very own NFT.

What we cover in this interview:

Part 1: PowerFan & The Basics of Crypto

(starts at: 0:00)

  • A 2 minute primer on crypto for absolute beginners
  • The difference between Bitcoin, Ethereum, and NFTs (and how they all sort of work together)

Part 2: The Basics of NFTs

(starts at: 6:35)

  • What’s an NFT?
  • The implications of NFTs (the good: you can make money on the future transactions of the digital asset; the bad: it’s new territory and ‘what works’ isn’t exactly evident at this time)

Part 3: How to Sell NFTs

(starts at: 13:19)

  • What you need to start selling (and buying) NFTs
  • The benefit of “mint when sold” to reduce up front risk as a creator of NFTs
  • The difference between crypto wallets, exchanges, and tokens (for newbies!)

Part 4: NFT Books With Bonuses

(starts at: 18:30)

  • How to sell ebooks as NFTs (and why and how you might do this)
  • Why “Pay What You Want Pricing” and NFTs work GREAT together
  • The value of selling digital products as NFTs
  • The potential exponential growth in value of NFTs, especially for well-known (or up and coming) creatives, writers, and artists

Part 5 & 6: NFTs for Events, Ticket Sales & Unlockable Content

(starts at: 36:20)

  • Additional ways to package and sell NFTs
  • What NFTs are selling now (or what seems to be the trend right now you can jump on)
  • How to make your NFTs irresistible collector items

How to Setup Your First “Crypto Wallet” to Buy, Sell, and Trade NFTs

Just getting started with Crypto and NFTs?

The first thing you need to do is setup your wallet.

In this training video, I sit down with Albert Ahn, CEO of Powerfan.io, to show you how to setup your first Crypto wallet.

We also show you:

  1. How to create and setup your first Crypto wallet
  2. How to protect yourself and your wallet (simple steps you can take to keep your crypto and NFTs safe)
  3. How to buy, sell, and trade NFTs with your wallet

Watch the full video training here:

Interested in minting your very own NFT?

I partnered up with Powerfan.io to help me mint and sell my very first NFT. I’ll be documenting the process on this blog and via my (exquisite) newsletter.

As part of our collaboration, Powerfan is doing something very cool for my readers and audience:

They’re giving away 1,000 PFAN tokens plus a chance to win 10,000 more.

PFAN tokens are what you can use on the Powerfan.io platform to buy or sell NFTs:

“The PowerFan Token (PFAN) empowers content authors and creators by helping them get paid via decentralized finance and blockchain technology.”


According to Powerfan.io:

“Fans can access the entire library of content by staking or spending their PFAN tokens. Authors and Creators can mint custom NFTs that provide exclusive content, personal access, valuable training, and…well, anything else their creative minds can come up with! Anyone can stake their crypto and earn interest and PFAN that accrues to them, and can also be directed towards their favorite creators. Creators can incentivize their audience with custom offers, and Fans can “earn while they learn” on the PowerFan platform.”

So if you want to come along with me for the ride of minting and selling your very first NFT, here’s your chance to get an unfair headstart with 1,000 PFAN tokens:

???? Sign up to get your free 1,000 PFAN tokens PLUS a chance to win 10,000 more!

Your Turn

Questions? Thoughts? Or ideas on what I should mint and sell as my very first NFT?

???? Leave a reply in the comments below!

I’d love to make this first venture into the “unknown” as collaborative and useful for all of you as possible, so comment below and let your voice be heard ????

Started, finished, and shipped from 7,000 feet elevation | Writing (and recording) time: 3.5 hrs | Soundtrack: silence (still trending)

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