ITT 168: How to Live Big with Ajit Nawalkha

ajit nawalkha in the trenches - ITT 168: How to Live Big with Ajit Nawalkha

Ajit Nawalkha is the Co-founder of Mindvalley Teach, Evercoach, and Global Grit Institute. He is also the author of Live Big: A Guide to Passion, Practicality and Purpose. Starting as an intern in Mindvalley, Ajit quickly moved up the ranks to become CEO of the company. He has a unique perspective on business and shows us how we, too, can have it all by cultivating passion, practicality and purpose.

In today’s conversation, we talk about how we can reframe business to make it work for us and our life. We look at how creating and scaling a business can be a simple mindset switch. Ajit also highlights the major stumbling points of entrepreneurs and how we can avoid them.

My big takeaway? How Ajit thinks about, organizes, and solves problems. And in today's conversations, he gives us a great method for making difficult choices.

If you are an entrepreneur, coach, or consultant, you don't want to miss this interview.

In this broadcast, Ajit and I talk about:

  • How Ajit´s childhood created the mindset he has today
  • What makes us a product of the people who have impacted us
  • Why we need to take off of our blinders when we are chasing a dream
  • What it means to live big
  • A business cannot be a copy of a business. It is created to move the needle.
  • How disjointed learning is a way to grow as a person
  • If you want to grow, you must learn from sources that are contradictory
  • Why you should always start with the outcome
  • Why having choices is living big
  • When creating a business, you can´t be one side focused. No one person has all the insights
  • There are no rules or extremes in business
  • How ¨having it all¨ is possible by reframing business
  • Why perspective is more important than a step-by-step ¨how to be successful¨
  • Why the Matrix of Practicality is the cornerstone of businesses
  • Everybody has a process but only a few people document it
  • When you are a solopreneur, having a support system to keep you on track is critical
  • How to tackle scaling a business

And much more.

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