ITT 184 - How to Create Recurring Revenue in Your Business with a Subscription Offer

in the trenches EP 184 - ITT 184 - How to Create Recurring Revenue in Your Business with a Subscription Offer

Anne Janzer is an award-winning author on a mission to help writers communicate more effectively. She has worked with over a hundred technology businesses, from industry giants to innovative start-ups, helping them articulate positioning and messaging in crowded markets. Anne also coaches business leaders on communicating their ideas with impact, clarity and marketing teams on telling brand stories that strengthen customer relationships.

During this podcast, I explore why so many businesses are moving to subscription based business models with Anne. We also dive into the how’s and why’s behind whether or not you should consider integrating a subscription model into your business.

In this broadcast, Anne and I talk about:

  • How did Anne get started in subscription marketing
  • How is software enhancing subscription businesses
  • Why have so many businesses moved to offering subscriptions
  • How are subscriptions more like renting things rather than owning
  • In what ways do subscriptions eliminate risk
  • How can you create a framework around selling subscriptions
  • Why do subscriptions have to make sense from a business marketing perspective
  • What do you need to look for if you’re integrating a subscription model into your business
  • How can you think of your offering as an experience
  • Do subscription based business have more marketing power or virality built into them
  • What is the power behind honest reviews rather than reward recommendations/referrals
  • Is it possible for only a component of your business to be subscription based
  • How can you turn content focused products into a subscription model
  • Why is having a community and building a community important
  • Are there any pitfalls when it comes to subscription based businesses
  • Why niching down is one of the most lucrative things you can do

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