ITT 075: How to Use Exposure to Build Your E-mail List with Cloris Kylie

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Cloris Kylie is a performance coach and branding expert. She always had the heart of an entrepreneur, but didn’t always follow that. With a background in engineering, marketing and management, Cloris has developed coaching and training programs in lead generation, personal branding, communications, public speaking, social media platforms, digital marketing, and career development.

In this broadcast, Cloris and I talk about:

  • How she began a business helping students with preparing for the ACT and SAT
  • How she began expanding her business to include helping those in graduate school; then to help people in a job search; and then to help authors, coaches, and entrepreneurs
  • How she finds fulfillment by helping people one-on-one
  • How she persevered to line up opportunities to be on various TV and radio shows
  • How to leverage another person’s platform to grow your list
  • Major takeaways from pitching to TV and radio shows:
    • Don’t just approach as pitching your book/product
    • Connect your message with current events
    • Match your findings to the shows and their audiences
    • Provide talking points for show producers
  • How to use your exposure on TV to build your list
  • How to utilize a free-mium offer to build your list
  • How to use an "indoctrination series" and "engagement series"
  • How to use the right questions to figure out what to create and sell
  • How to avoid spending time and energy on things that people don't want
  • The "3 Ps" (plus a bonus "p")
    • Partners
    • Produce
    • Promote
    • Patience

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Cloris Kylie on the best way to differentiate yourself:

"Just by being you, you're being different...I'm doing with my own story and experience."

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