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Courage and Writing

dave ursillo

A lot of people have books in them...

But how many take the time to actually write them?

Enter: Dave Ursillo - a multi-published author and entrepreneur who helps creative self-starters live their leadership through artistry.

Dave’s written 8 books, is the leader of the Literati Writers – a small, private community of writers, and has done numerous speaking engagements around the country on the topics of communication and leadership.

In today's broadcast, Dave and I sat down to discuss a topic near and dear to my heart:

  • COURAGE in writing

Dave shares his journey from working in politics to writing books and coaching writers full time.  While his story is interesting in and of itself, Dave also walks us through actionable steps to developing courage in writing and entrepreneurship.

Weather you are interested in writing, or you want actionable steps to develop courage and self-belief in your own artistry and business, today's broadcast is for you.

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What Dave Ursillo and I talk about:

  • How Dave got his start in writing on September 11 2001
  • How this incredible event changed the scope of his writing (and his life)
  • The power of writing to create constructive thought and dialogue.
  • Dave’s start in the political world and how the nature of politics compelled him to start writing
  • Dave’s journey from the job he hated,to hitting 4 months of depression and working his way out using his creativity and passion
  • How Dave created the exclusive writers group: Literatti Writers
  • How to cultivate courage in your writing and life
  • Why we need to be fearless with our writing (and all our actions)
  • Why we need to surround ourselves with similar values (hint: it has to do with courage)

In The Trenches with Tom Morkes on YouTube:

3 Tenets of Cultivating Courage in Writing (and Life):

  1. Daily Practice
  2. Surround Yourself With People who Have the Same Values
  3. Have Mentors and Role Models you Follow and Aspire to be Like

*note: we go in depth on each of these in the interview, so definitely check out the interview!

Awesome Quote from Dave Ursillo:

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"Courage in writing is everything." [Click to Tweet]

"The journey in life is the greatest reward."  [Click to Tweet]


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Twitter: @daveursillo

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