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ITT 220 – Ramping Up Remote Work with David Hassell

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David Hassel is a serial entrepreneur and the co-founder and CEO of 15Five, which is what he views as his opportunity to help organizations and individuals reach their potential and become ‘organizationally-actualized’. He and his team have developed industry leading people management software to drive high performance for over 2000 customers.

I brought David onto the podcast today to talk about how to transition into remote work and optimize your online working space. This conversation is geared towards leaders, managers and owners who now find themselves being thrust into managing a remote team. We also talk about ways that you can optimize your remote work, even if your team is distributed across the world.

In this broadcast, David and I talk about:

  • How David got started on his entrepreneurial journey
  • Why David’s company has always focused on remote work
  • What you should implement to make remote work effective
  • How you can provide a sense of connection and belonging while working remotely
  • What tools to use to keep your team in contact
  • The upsides to remote work
  • Can remote work make your business more scalable
  • Why you need a schedule with your remote workers
  • The importance of doing emotional checking on your team calls
  • Does David have set hours for his remote team
  • How to care about high performance and culture simultaneously in your business
  • What is 15Five and how can it help your business

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