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ITT 217 – Why You Need a Referral Marketing System (with the founder of EarlyParrot) Gaetano Caruana

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Gaetano Caruana is the founder of EarlyParrot, which is a referral marketing software that has helped hundreds of businesses generate high-quality leads through referrals. EarlyParrot was built out of a need and soon evolved into a flexible platform that can be plugged into any sales firm.

Today, I sit down with Gaetano Caruana to discuss how to grow your email list and scale your revenue with an automated referral marketing system. I know that sounds like a lot, but it’s truly not that complex. We’ll also dive into how easy it is, how profitable it can be, how a referral program can increase your brand awareness and customer loyalty, why referrals are typically higher quality leads and why that matters to you and your business. Gaetano will also share how referral programs lower the cost of acquisition and so much more.

My big takeaway for this episode is for you to listen to the part where we talk about exclusivity. Now, I’m just going to leave it at that. You’ll have to listen to the rest of the episode to know what I’m talking about!

In this broadcast, Gaetano and I talk about:

  • What led Gaetano to founding EarlyParrot
  • What are the steps it takes to incentivize word of mouth marketing
  • Which incentives should you use when it comes to list building v.s. e-commerce
  • Why you need to be smart and clear with the rewards you’re giving away
  • What is a double-sided campaign and is it hard to implement
  • How much does EarlyParrot usually charge to ensure everything is integrated properly
  • Why you don’t have to give something expensive to get someone engaged
  • Is there anything someone should be cognizant of when choosing your incentives
  • How to promote your referral program for the best results
  • What are some ways to lower the cost of acquisition
  • In what ways is affiliate marketing different than referral marketing
  • How difficult is it to integrate a referral marketing campaign into specific software
  • How does having a referral program in place allow you to keep growing bigger and bigger
  • What content can you use to promote your referral program
  • How to plan for negativity or backlash
  • What ways can you market your referral program without being spammy

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