ITT 068: How to Build a Media Platform with Greg Rollett

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Greg Rollett is the founder of Greg started to inspire millennials to do great things.

What Greg Rollett and I talk about in this broadcast:

  • How he used his experience in the music industry, especially being an “opening act” to help him with his writing career with
  • How people often fail because they do not aim high and they do not share their best work when writing for others
  • Greg gives us his advice for people who want to build their own media platforms
    1. Define who you want your audience to be
    2. Collect data about that audience
    3. Define what your goal for the consumer is after they get your product
    4. Create content to match the goals you have set
  • Greg reminds us that media is consumed for two reasons: to be entertained or to solve a problem; the best media combines the two.
  • Greg explains why the fastest way for people to make money is to niche down to solve a particular problem for a particular group of people
  • What the strategies Greg used to create where and how other people could apply those same strategies
  • Greg tells us how his best leverage activity has been involving more people in his projects
  • Greg leaves us his best piece of advice: Start! And gives us his insights on where to begin

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Greg Rollett on how to avoid distraction and nay-sayers:

“I only want to be known by the people who are cutting my check”

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