ITT 128: How to Become a Professional Podcaster with David Ralph

David Ralph In The Trenches Tom Morkes

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David Ralph

David Ralph is the creator and host of the Join Up Dots business podcast; which has seen nearly 500,000 downloads in a single month. Today, we're discussing how David left the corporate world behind (with a little push from yours truly) to become a full-time professional podcaster.

In this broadcast, David ralph and I talk about:

  • Why download numbers don’t really matter
  • The benefits of batching your interviews
  • Why David still does all the post-production work himself instead of outsourcing it
  • They story of how I gave David Dumbo’s magic feather
  • David’s tactics for using iTunes, and not social media, to grow his audience
  • How Pat Flynn and John Lee Dumas influenced David
  • How a niche website about the Florida Keys allows David to podcast full-time
  • David’s experiences with burn out while building passive income
  • How David’s dreams and goals have changed since he first started his podcast

And so much more.

In The Trenches with Tom Morkes on YouTube:

How to connect with David Ralph online:

Great quote from David ralph:

"I’m not anything else. I am a podcaster and I’m proud to say that." - @joinupdot

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