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ITT 120: How to Choose What’s Next After Graduating Freelancing with Kai Davis

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Kai DavisKai Davis is a world leader in marketing education for freelancers and consultants and, in today’s episode, we’re talking about the various paths one can take when they find they’ve outgrown their business and graduated from freelancing.

In this broadcast, Kai davis and I talk about:

  • The three options for when your business outgrows you
  • Why Kai choose to go the path of creating education products for his clients
  • Is there a fourth path of becoming a full-time employee?
  • Kai’s experience running to micro-agencies
  • The main thing to consider when deciding whether or not to create an agency
  • The difference in business models between freelancing and selling education products
  • How to know when you can stop focusing on the growth of your business
  • How your hobbies can make or break your business
  • Is it obligatory that you take your freelance business to the next level?
  • Why maxing your retirement accounts is more sexy than buying new a car

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Education products is the next evolution for freelancers and consultants.” – @kaisdavis

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