ITT 123: How to Use the Power of Storytelling with Jose Rosado

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jose rosado angry millennial photographer - ITT 123: How to Use the Power of Storytelling with Jose Rosado

Jose Rosado has a story you might relate to: bouncing from job to job and industry to industry; often times with long nerve-wracking periods of unemployment. However, during those experiences, Jose learned the power of storytelling and he used that knowledge on his successful podcast, The Angry Millennial. Currently, Jose is focusing on his latest project, Creatives Aga;nst Depression.

In this broadcast, Jose Rosado and I talk about:

  • How Jose became a photographer and then an instructor
  • The power of podcasting
  • How Jose made his first sales as a photographer
  • The power of person-to-person connection over social media
  • The tactics Jose used for getting his podcast guests to really open up
  • Why Jose started his podcast and chose to call it The Angry Millennial
  • How Jose manages and prioritizes his various projects
  • Why Jose doesn’t pick just one project and focus solely on that

How to connect with Jose rosado online:

Great quote from JOse Rosado:

“At it’s very core, storytelling is still the most powerful way of conducting business." - @joserosadophoto

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