ITT 114: How to Become a Successful Solo Consultant with Jake Jorgovan

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jake jorgovan 1 - ITT 114: How to Become a Successful Solo Consultant with Jake JorgovanJake Jorgovan, the Founder of Outbound Creative and Agency Scout, is on the show to talk about his entrepreneurial journey that almost saw him get evicted from his apartment to now being a successful solo consultant who's running multiple businesses.

In this broadcast, Jake Jorgovan and I talk about:

  • How a downside to entrepreneurship almost got Jake evicted from his apartment
  • Why entrepreneurs need to constantly market themselves
  • The marketing platform that’s been the most beneficial for Jake
  • How Jake uses his podcast to generate leads
  • What is Outbound Creative?
  • How Jake utilizes mind mapping in his business
  • Jake’s tips for effectively charging clients for discovery calls
  • The pros and cons of being a solo consultant rather than running an agency
  • How Jake sees his business evolving in the future
  • What is Agency Scout and how does it factor into Jake’s future business plans?

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“Consulting is almost that safe baseline that gives me the freedom and flexibility to launch other businesses.” - @JakeJorgovan

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