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The White House, the California Governor’s Office, Hollywood, and Silicon Valley – these are some of the most well-known and most powerful places in the world – and John Corcoran’s worked in all of them.

John is an attorney and small business advisor with the Corcoran Law Firm outside of San Francisco, where he helps entrepreneurs, business owners and real estate investors.  He’s also the founder of where he helps entrepreneurs succeed, online and off.

Earlier in his career, John served in the White House, as a Speechwriter and Press Aide in for the governor of California, for a law firm in heart of Silicon Valley, and, at one point, John even worked in Hollywood.

One thing I know about John – he is a networking master and a genuinely selfless person.  He’s personally helped me connect with some really big players in the business world, so I know firsthand his abilities.  I highly encourage subscribing to his newsletter and checking out his excellent podcast.

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That’s just a brief overview of Johns working background.  As you’ll find out once you listen to the interview, John’s done an incredible amount of interesting work.

Bottom line, John is a wealth of knowledge and experience in writing, entrepreneurship, and building relationships, and he really is an instigator if I’ve ever met one – someone who starts, finishes, and ships projects all the time.

A great listen for entrepreneurs and writers (we dig into his upcoming book and actually expose some really cool details about successful self-publishing with numbers and stats to back them up!).

Definitely check it out, and leave a comment (and review on iTunes!) when you finish.

What we talk about

  • 052 - ITT 011: Smart Business with John CorcoranHow John Corcoran networked his way into the White House, Hollywood, and Silicon Valley
  • Why John switched from speechwriting to law to online entrepreneurship
  • How John’s business experience helps pull in the right customers
  • How John uses major news outlets and social media to get leads for his legal, coaching and consultation services
  • How John uses content marketing to target specific audiences for his desired end-state (i.e. how he gets small business entrepreneurs to come to him for help)
  • The slog of doing creative work (and how to succeed at it)
  • The price of success (it doesn’t get easier as you get bigger)
  • The power of adrenaline and how to harness it to take your work to the next level
  • How to harness your dissatisfaction to create brilliance
  • How to abandon your writing to make it better
  • All about John’s upcoming book – and we dig deep into self-publishing, benefits of traditional versus self-publishing, and the power of going your own route
  • Why the blank canvas is a terrible place to start – start with a plan!

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Who are you serving and how can you provide value and assistance to them? [tweet]

On Life:

If you’re unhappy with your lot in life, harness that to mobilize yourself to write that book, or to start that blog, or to start that podcast …or whatever it is that you need to do that’s going to make you a happier person in life.”

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